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Curriculum Choices

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Back to the Basics

Designed for middle school students with practical "how-to's" to challenge them to develop their passion for God. Teaches students how to have a meaningful devotional life, journaling, taking notes, Scripture memory, evangelism, and a vision for discipleship.
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During the teenage years, relationships are vital but often volatile. Building and navigating connections with their world can be a constant challenge. This curriculum focuses on a student's four major relational areas: friends, family, opposite sex, and God.
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Fusion teaches students how to be a Biblical steward. Focuses on the principle of loving God with all their heart, mind, and soul, and the importance of submitting their time, energy, money and body to Christ. Presents students with principles for spending, saving, giving, materialism, work ethic, integrity, time management, body issues, and more.
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Adapted from Back to the Basics, this curriculum targets high school students, college, and adults, focusing on how to have a quiet time, effective prayer, the importance of Scripture memorization, journaling, and principles of discipleship.
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Pure helps students understand the value of a life or purity, the consequences of moral impurity, accepting God's love and forgiveness, and developing a deeper walk with Him. This curriculum also deals with Godly living, Biblical guidelines for relationships, and spiritual growth.
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Saturate focuses on equipping students to share their faith out of a growing relationship with Christ. Teaches students what it means to have an authentic relationship with Christ, what the Bible teaches about sharing our faith, how to develop relationships with non-Christians, and how to saturate their culture with the Gospel.
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Totally Consumed!

This powerful curriculum will broaden students' definition of worship and challenge them in their faith. Teaches students about being a "living sacrifice," having a heart of worship, God's Word in worship, private and corporate worship, and true revival.

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About Our Curriculum

From the very first curriculum in the '80s to today, we have always given leaders an abundance of material to choose from in teaching a curriculum. We want you to customize our curriculum from your experience—to your students. Use what you want, teach what you want, insert your own life stories. We give plenty of "meat" to teach, but plenty of flexibility to make it your own.

Our curriculum titles each consist of three different books to provide the most flexible and effective way to teach our studies.

  • Student Curriculum—fill-in-the-blank style which allows students to be engaged during the teaching session.
  • Leader Curriculum—looks exactly like the student curriculum with the answers provided and pages designed to be used to write in your own notes, verses, teaching methods, illustrations, and points of emphasis.
  • Leader Guide—contains detailed teaching instruction and is designed to be studied from.
Leader Curriculum and Leader Guide are sold as a set. Leaders will need both materials to teach the curriculum.

Purchase books individually or in a packet. Packets provide your students with several tools for spiritual growth that enhance the discipleship of each of our materials.

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